@lograh I'm sure they will since it'll live on for now.

@matigo Always, yes. I find it odd for some people to don't turn off their Wi-fi.

Apple has acquired Workflow [techcrunch.com]

Short term, app will live on (that's confirmed). Long term though I can see it integrated to iOS and will shut down at some point I feel.

@nitinkhanna Yep, blame Apple for that.

@larand Congrats, a well deserved moment!

// @bazbt3

@axodys Yep, the site will be in good hands. Can't wait to play with it.

// @sumudu

@jmreekes Awesome news, I guess moving day is closer now!

@streakmachine I'm sure a ton of people, myself included gave up on it.

@nitinkhanna Like I said, keyboards on iOS haven't got the attention it deserved since it first launched. It's all happening and thriving on Android.

@larand Good news always cheers people up.