I do hope everything goes well for you, I feel you are qualified and like I said before you can do it too!

Looks awesome, lots of possibilities.

@kdfrawg Thanks, I'll be okay.

@kdfrawg After all has happened today, not in the mood.

Normally I would say today was a satisfying day. Today is not that day.

@kdfrawg Lucky for you, I feel these days the grind is even more difficult by the passing month because of what's happening in Washington. It effects everyone in every age group.

In my experience, becoming freelance these days and have my own pace are because of those two things being in place. If both are repealed, I may not have a choice but to go to a much bigger company and languish. I'm sure I'm not alone in this thought.

I can't imagine what would happen to small biz and aspiring entrepreneurs if both Net Neutrality and the ACA dies.

A relief!


May The Fourth, a repeal vote, and a T New York visit all in one day. Oh boy….