Yep, which is mostly lies and they don't believe in truth.

Finally get to watch the new Bill Nye show on Netflix and climate change is the theme in this episode. I hope people show this ep to deniers like Bret Stephens of the New York Times. He needs an education on that.

Very creative, I like how they came out and explaining the process in the thread.

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Just a bit of an update on Day One. It looks to me that they're making major progress on introducing full encryption. []
I certainly hope they do this right. Only then that I may consider coming back.


@kdfrawg Like pay to race drivers almost or something along those lines.

Never knew you used to race in Can-Am, that was a great series that eventually became too expensive.

@kdfrawg Also to add that those cars trickle down to regular cars as well. The quattro that Audi uses in all of their cars was a racing element first.

@kdfrawg Maybe, but racing does benefit production cars. The Audi R8 production car for example is actually based off of their winning Le Mans race car and they added some of the elements from their racing to it. McLaren is another one that uses racing elements from F1 into their production cars. Racing in general does benefit a lot.

Here's a fan of it!

@kdfrawg It's a AMG unit so it's mostly true. Regular Mercs I would have said differently. It's like Ferrari which most of their production car sales fund for their racing.