Like most of your laptops ere hand me downs? I usually buy mostly new ones with laptops especially. Nice that you still have it in a way!

Must be referring to this piece, it's a must-read obviously. []

PiHole updating time.

Bitchute looks like a nice video alternative but needs more investment and mainstream exposure.

Yep, since they're outsourcing most of their stuff anyway for about a decade plus now.

A good excuse to read some books when the power went out for 13+ hours yesterday, thankfully had backup generators to do so.

American companies that do the exact same thing. A responsible executive would have investigated their own companies.

Or even a third war in the Middle East as it it rumored.


More like paranoia to me. He should be more worried about his own government and its companies spying on people.

I don't get this. Why the US cares more about banning TikTok so much where at the same time, some of their OWN services like ISPs, social media services, phone carriers, etc are doing the same spying?