Some random conversation on if they're going to make it before the holidays.

Client talking with a engineer on Jitsi today:

"Why we should do CSS?"

"Because we have deadlines to fill"

Experimenting with PowerToys which is a OS tool that I haven't used as much but it looks fun!

Side dishes now made and ready for the feast and ride tomorrow…

Visiting most of my family for the first time in over two years so there's a lot of catching up to do.

Only a day to go before the long break which is well-deserved.

We'll see what happens since I feel it needs a modern touch that works with modern OSes. As long as it doesn't require a cloud account then it's worth a shot.

I actually do, like 5,000+ files worth of music from over the decades that I still listen offline. So much better than the streaming crap.


Indeed, It's still epic.

NFTs are scams waiting to happen.

There, I've said it.