Memo to everyone: Just rely on Windows Defender or other first-party source since these companies can't be trusted at all.

Case in point. []

Quite a somber day understandably.

When a holiday is on a Monday, it always feels like a Monday. I know around here.

I think Rouge One is best since I haven't seen it yet but is it really?

The Impossible Slider at White Castle is similar (which I tried last week), and I have yet to try that though.

This ICANN/.org saga just got worse as the sale is funded by debt and will be done through four different companies! []

Ouch! More of a reason to move away from .org

Been a while since I last handled Haskell coding, could have done better but a good day to do it.

Where was this you taken? Looks beautiful!

5G is going to be worse, you watch…

Yep, best to pay a fortune.