Have separate structures for those, so they're safe. :D


For self-hosting, over 1TB but I'm planing to upgrade to around 1.5 after the extended break that I'm currently on.


9.7 is the happy spot for most I think. Even I find it ideal.



Confirmation that my self-hosted structure data center is now fully operational. Glad I have external USB drives to store stuff in times like this even on my extended vacation.

Honestly, I thought they might change it to quarterly or bi-annually. Maybe a change would have made sense. 25 years is also a long run when it comes to mags like that.


Linux Journal is going away for real this time. [linuxjournal.com]

What a huge blow for open source, and I do hope they can preserve the archives somehow.

Are typhoons dangerous?


I have a very mint condition Essential PH-1 phone if you folks are interested in buying. [swappa.com]

Got it as a testing unit so rarely has been been taken off the box.

In the state of Maine now, and I loving the exploring that we have today.