Many things. Get my summer reading list in, playing some gaming backlog, going out on mini trips, etc. All in a month.

Getting some last-week tasks before my month-long vacation. Much needed.

Netflix can afford to take risks because it doesn't effect their bottom line that much! They can afford terrible TV.

To improve reachability in phones according to them. Mobile Safari in the recent iOS beta has it, Google Chrome already has this on iOS and it's experimenting it on Android.

Just not needed since there's already one-handed mode.

What's with companies going with URL bars on the bottom of their browsers? I know phones are so big now but it's unnecessary.

I totally blame the GW Bush administration for this especially when they tried to force a democracy down Afghan's throats. Now they're Vietnam 2.0 as a result.

I do love this dress though, the only positive that came out of it…


Hard to believe the pop culture equivalent of the Fyre Festival occurred seven years ago in Dashcon…


They all love the heat for some reason, and there's such a thing as "heat tourists".


Looking at a picture of the thermometer in Death Valley this past weekend hitting 135 degrees is so bruh. Glad they all wearing hats though.