Great pics! Love the first one.

Gutted to hear on your colleague…

Interesting, I can guess it varies on the person but glad it's working out for the both.


Wonder what kind of coffee did you drink?

This is bad for civil liberties as US citizens will be forced to obey UK courts under this proposed data sharing agreement between the two nations. []

Definitely unconstitutional and I hope there will be lawsuits to fight this.

Two medical appointments later, and I'm healthy as ever. Nice to see that in near my 40s that I'm just that.

Enjoy your weekend!

One reason Japanese households are happy is that it's usual for the wife to manage the family's finances. []

I didn't know this, but good for JList to share this. I can guess you and Reiko are like this too in a way, ?

Had to perform a mock discussion for a group panel next month. Did okay but need to practice some more beforehand.

This is why Apple is so far behind compared to their competitors in that department.


Especially this one when they have pivoted to crypto.