Elon's rocket just blew up! Hahahaha!

Talk about karma thus not a good start in terms of NASA giving one of the keys to the space castle.

I use my Pis as mini servers in case the main ones have issues. Also use them for PiHole experiemts.


He's trying to but at Masnick explains it's legally meaningless. He does have his selected judges on his side so we'll have to wait and see what transpires.


What's happening globally right now is just awful, 2020 is already in the trash can and not even July 1 yet.

Exactly, as both parties say explicitly that they want to kill Section 230 thus online freedom of expression in the process so the courts holding fort is key.


I don't think I'll get that 8GB Pi 4 right now, since I already have Pi 3s and it works just fine.

My guess is that's a Android phone running Nougat.


If you talking about Elon then he should but he won't due to the "importance of SpaceX".

I can also bet that Jeff is planning his own mission with his Blue Origin as we speak.


So today is both a historic day and a sad day in space history:

The historic part is that two humans are going into space via a third party, but at the same time today is a end of a era in most ways as NASA is now no more than just a brand now as they have outsourced their space programs to idiotic figures like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. :(