Back to freelancing tomorrow, which I'm looking forward after the long summer break.

I didn’t know you’re leaving that place, wonder what’s next for you? I’m sure they’ll miss you.

I can guess he's slacking off.

Mozilla CEO Chris Beard is leaving at the end of the year [].

Felt in his eyes that it's best to get out of there while the brand is still relevant. No disrespect to Mozilla at all but let's face the facts: they're at a major crossroads in their history in terms of staying relevant. They need to get this next CEO right.

The clear sign that summer is nearly over is when students return to classes.

Have separate structures for those, so they're safe. :D

For self-hosting, over 1TB but I'm planing to upgrade to around 1.5 after the extended break that I'm currently on.

9.7 is the happy spot for most I think. Even I find it ideal.


Confirmation that my self-hosted structure data center is now fully operational. Glad I have external USB drives to store stuff in times like this even on my extended vacation.