Started playing both Control and The Outer Worlds over the past week and damn, this is why we need games like the both of them. Has basically everything in terms of fun factor, storylines, writing etc. and there's no BS like micros and stuff.

Just great!

Aww, that's a good name then!

Seems like its getting to know you so well.

NordVPN hacked []

And people have a lot of trust in them. I was a huge critic of them security-wise and I was right on cue.

Aww! Hiya Poppy!

Does he have a name or that's the name?

The 1980's Monte Carlos were great. Used in NASCAR as well to great success.

Fifty years after the Internet we know today was born, the physicist and computer scientist Stephanie Wehner is planning and designing a Quantum Internet.

Here's a good interview piece. []

I know for a fact that Americans don't eat pizza or burgers with utensils. I do a mix of hands and forks depending on the setting and appropriateness of the place.


Analogue Pocket announced []

Barring any legal issues, this looks impressive and great on paper. Hopeful that this can be breakthrough.