Does anyone have a camera (especially a Ring) in their homes? You should read this []

Chinese-style police state, here we come…

Just about done with the preparations for tomorrow's travel. Just need to go and fill the gas tonight.

Probably underperformed views wise, plus I'm not surprised that Netflix is cancelling shows left and right to save money since there's competition now.

And I know why MST3K has a Twitch channel now, due to that reason.

Yep. Back then, it cost $50 USD a pop and these days it’s $100 USD for the same 90s tech. Normally, it should be advanced but nope thanks to their lobbyists.

I'm 110% certain I still have two TI-83's lying around in mint shape when I was in high school (when it was required to shell out $50 each). Now they're rarely used due to the changing tech. It's still a travesty that education is far behind the times. And we have to thank TI's lobbyists for decades of making sure that only those who can afford it can use them. Sad state of affairs in the education front.

I still recall trying to tinker with those two TI-83's with some degree of success and it made it fun to do when you're aren't doing anything special as a side project.

Worth a read []

Going to spend Wednesday making some side dishes for the dinner on Thursday so a two-day week!

Plus FB is one of those partners. Yuck…

Ford is all into SUVs and Trucks (which will backfire once the economy falls into a recession).

Tesla is a WTF type.

Amazon has burned it into the ground []

Other words, they have ignored it for a very long time.