Remember folks, it took only 70 days for 2020 to be a trash and dumpster fire year.

So even though we're halfway into the year, every time it's a extra ingredient added on.41wih0

I only having to wear a mask every time I go inside a public place since my area is distancing enough and compliant.


Just a couple more weeks and I'm going to have a few weeks or so off from the grinding and business side.

It's a much needed break compared to the past several due to this unprecedented crisis going on.

Aww, poor Bembo hope he's going to be okay.

I'm doing good, just finished some client coding projects and staying low for now due to this pandemic.

Hiya! Long time no see. Hope you are well.

I have decided to create a Flipboard magazine highlighting #Section230 and it's future since it's a very important topic especially in recent times. []

If anyone wants to contribute with me on this, feel free to let me know.

That is what I experienced at first with Fedora. Was a pain until I got advice on how to effectively use it.


I feel that’s Apple’s overall mission with these ARM chips: to lock everything down eventually.

I remember what MUDDs look like too.

Had a great conversation with a friend that lives in Amsterdam using the Terminal only, which is a throwback to my earlier social days.