I played with Nice on an Android device and it's all over the place. Not your fault of course.


Turbo Pascal is one I haven't seen much, but I find that impressive, CSS I use a lot and it's one of my current preferred ones. Node Framework is a challenge for sure, and PHP is a common one that I enjoy too.


I'm a big C fan myself, Very versatile. I know people have a dislike for Java so understandable.


Programming Languages:

  1. First language: BASIC of course.
  2. Had difficulties: Ruby
  3. Most used: CSS, C, C++, Objective-C, Python
  4. Totally hate: None surprisingly.
  5. Most loved: CSS, Python
  6. For beginners: Python, C#

Over to you!

It’s the same as US telecoms, trying to screw people limb from limb and with the recent ruling this week, we can see them doing this even more.

Japan and the US have something in common, at least in telecom.



Or just block Medium alltogether.


Yes that book, which is a must.



Yep, and it's not good.


A must-read post from former ADNer Janie (RedQueenCoder) on bullying and its human cost plus a helpful guide on how to combat it. [redqueencoder.com]