Like I and many people have said, this is why people turn to piracy and it’s only going to grow as the streaming services turn into multiple ones.

Camping activities and some great weather to boot!

Guess you're back in the podcast swing then…

I read that book recently, impressive insight I say.

Like you have not expected that to happen.

Stopped by Lake Placid as my first road stop. A very historic city with good people.

If that’s the case then I would think it’s worth it if you can find a third party repair outlet like Ubreakfix or something, I’m sure they’ll get a free diagnosis on that.


I didn’t know that, it makes sense that that update is rolling out. Can’t believe that they haven’t addressed that for many years until now. Can guess they were too old to look after probably the reason.


Wow, very rare for Apple to update older versions for devices that are EOL.