What year is that one?


With all of that, I can sense a second wave coming which would be a disaster after all the progress that people made to distance themseves. Hopefully people can listen.

Although I can feel what the black community is feeling right now that for decades their calls had been denied many times over, not just in the US, the UK, and Australia but on a global scale.



So basically use that now? Missed the change.


So mostly this is a 25-30 year journey to what we are now. Makes sense that we're heading towards that if not already. I wonder if the 90s people act the same as today in terms of repairing?


Yep, some of my closet friends and relatives learned how to repair minor hardware issues themselves over the years but others aren't so. This is why we need Right to Repair legislation to become a reality so at least give indie repair shops a much needed shot in the arm. Plus people lives change all the time and they might not have the funds to upgrade.


How many do you have?


Some good feel stuff:

Project presentation went so well today that I really feel much better for the first time in a month.

Basically as well as other manufacturers. They all advertised with long battery life but we all know it's not true.



I have a i7 10th Gen myself on my main laptop and it generally holds 3-4 hours on a charge before you have to plug it.



Anyways, I have the plans rolled out for my presentation on Thursday, all is going well.