Honestly, I thought they might change it to quarterly or bi-annually. Maybe a change would have made sense. 25 years is also a long run when it comes to mags like that.


Linux Journal is going away for real this time. [linuxjournal.com]

What a huge blow for open source, and I do hope they can preserve the archives somehow.

Are typhoons dangerous?


I have a very mint condition Essential PH-1 phone if you folks are interested in buying. [swappa.com]

Got it as a testing unit so rarely has been been taken off the box.

In the state of Maine now, and I loving the exploring that we have today.

Like I and many people have said, this is why people turn to piracy and it’s only going to grow as the streaming services turn into multiple ones.


Camping activities and some great weather to boot!

Guess you're back in the podcast swing then…


I read that book recently, impressive insight I say.