Like I said, the inevitable merger between iOS and macOS gets even closer.

Zoom should NOT be a 5/5 I'm sorry. How fucking clueless is Mozilla these days? []

I let them know what I think of that:


And it's gaining momentum with each passing week. There's a decent chance these bills go into law unless people pay attention.

Heads up for people living in the United States:

The Senate is moving forward with the EARN IT Act AND have introduced a bill that if passed would in fact plant a nuclear bomb into our privacy, our security, AND our online freedom of expression.

Please pay attention and fight this!

EARN IT Act []

GOP anti-Encrypion []

Probably both, since Americans love to vent.


Honestly, I can't blame them if/when they take this step because of our incompetent federal government.


Have you read this?

Honestly, had a good day productivity-wise. Got some good client work done.

I have to say what I have predicted for years: the inevitable merger between macOS and iOS has become even closer today.

With the bootloader locked-down, it's not surprising. Can't even boot up Linux I bet.