This if true would shake the podcast world it it's core and NOT for the better I fear.

It will create more fragmentation and open podcasting would suffer another huge blow. []

Apollo 11 in real time! []

Just amazing.

One good reason not to buy anything from Prime Day: striking workers.

That's good news (at least for now), however this is going to be a massive test on if they can stick to their mission.

Planning on some road trip for the end of this month or early next. Destinations currently unknown.

Welp, so much for Mastodon being a safe place now that a certain frog network is using their platform as a base. []

Wow, that's a great shot to me!


Needing to wrap up this project by the end of next week so I can prepare for a lengthy break…

At least ti was a good one IMO.

Teached a class on basic Python coding, went well today although it might have been better.