Been reading Sarah Kendzior’s “Hiding in Plain Sight” and she is one of the only few people who saw the chaos coming after the 2016 election.

It's so difficult to focus on my coding basics presentation ahead with everything going on. Hopefully I can get through this well.

So it's good to go now? Nice!

Yeah among other things, just terrible.

Lots of unrest, very understandable.

Again, despite my mixed feelings on this launch and landing, we can take a moment and just enjoy and appreciate the hard work these people have made today.

And Liftoff! Best of luck to the crew despite all my issues with this project.

I usually use all services that have Electron-based apps in the browser since it'll cut down CPU by a lot. Big difference.

Doing some coding practice for next week's group presentation. This time some CSS and html expert modes.