Welcome to 2017, Apple!

And FINALLY you did the proper way to do widgets that took over a decade for you.

Also, macARMOS

Critics obviously like and enjoy the game but so far users have give it far negative reviews (review-bombing) by people that dind't even play most ogf the game, probably also because it's due to a trigger warning moment in the game that would stir lots of controversy. I haven't got into that part yet but it does involve a trans character.


Took a personal day off to get my things together although playing The Last of Us 2 is a good way to finish it off.

This is a frame worthy pic. Nicely done on the paint job!


Thursdays are usually the day that people like myself earn their money's worth.

In this case, submitting documents of code, reports and waiting for the results.

It's never over until a vaccine come about and I'm very concerned on a second wave which will be coming due to people and businesses don't listen.



There's still a smaller bundle that's on until tomorrow. StarCrossed and Coffee Talk are the notables if interested. [itch.io].


Ordered some gift flash drives so some of my clients can have some travel storage.

DHH had a rampant rant if you haven;t read it yet. [twitter.com]

So much said is true.