Same here, will give that a listen during my break.


Not yet since I won't be leaving uintil next week but it'll come eventually.

Just about done with all of my tech projects for the sunmer so I can just wind down with side projects for the next couple of days.

After that, vacation/holiday starts!

Not surprising to me, especially with apps in general.

Preserving laptop stickers are never easy so glad someone is willing to go for it []

Data too, which companies are always hungry. Can see a lot more of this as time goes by and the practice continues to be unregulated.

FaceApp is just another data grab, folks. People never learn. Sigh…

I doubt it in the long term since Apple dominates this space in terms of overall distribution/promotion. Could open the door for a lot of podcasts turning into closed radio shows and we're worse off it due it it being another nail in open podcasting's coffin. :(

Don't forget Luminary too which I despise them so much since they (and Spotify) got this walled garden ball rolling.

On a waiting game with some client who needs some mini-projects done by Friday. He's not so patient that's for sure.