Also, there's a chilling future even if Stadia fails: that gaming is going to be a service not something you own. We have seen that with Apple Arcade and xCloud already heading that direction.

The Google Stadia launch is going to be a crash course to reality especially in the US, where broadband caps are still running wild []

Really, I can't see Google take off on this especially their track record.

A dead-simple web stack in Haskell []

I do code in Haskell sometimes so this is interesting.

Just a bit of a road bump but that won't stop me oh no.

SCOTUS will hear the Google-Oracle Java copyright case []

Heads up devs and others alike, this case will affect all of us.

I managed to access it cleanly on web and Nextcloud Android app. Thanks!

Apple/Goldman Card: discrimination probe underway after DHH alleged sexist practices []

I knew something was wrong with Apple Card the minute I knew about it.

You so right on, cute too!

I do respect your thoughts on this and even I’m not fan of Electron but still, choice in terms of what engine a developer can use does matter.

I do feel that PWAs are a better solution and alternative to Electron (as I have said for a long while now) but Apple doesn’t like PWAs too which gets to show us that their priorities lie on apps that work on their platforms and ONLY theirs which is anticompetitive in nature.

Something that governments (especially in the EU and the US) need to take a long hard look at antitrust-wise.

I know Medium pays some writers and Owen is one of them hence why they created OneZero as their tech based portal. There are others as well.