Mozilla is on life support as they laying off an additional 250 people AND gutted their whole MDN team


Baker writes Mozilla Corporation, as well as reducing the size of its workforce by approximately 250 roles, will change the teams for around 60 other people. The staff reduction involves closing the company's current operations in Taipei, Taiwan, the email adds.

Baker writes the Firefox organization will focus on "core browser growth" and reduce investment in areas such as developer tools, internal tooling, and platform feature development. The email also mentions the organization's recent focus on developing more revenue generating products, such as its new VPN.

Mozilla's road to irrelevance continues as they're laying off 250 more employees amid further restructuring to invest in more revenue-generating projects like their VPN, which ain't going to work I feel. They only have themselves to blame for getting into this scenario.

In other words, we all saw this coming years ago and Mozilla has failed to realize it until it was too late. I had glimmers of hope that their Quantum browser can be the solution but it turns out to be a major flop.

As a result & hate to say this, Firefox is on life support and the last viable true open option would go away. For mobile especially, Chrome has already won that war. Wonder if Onion browsers would move to Chromium?

I say we need someone to build a replacement sooner than later.

UPDATE: Mozilla also has gutted their entire MDN team

Along with calls to find jobs for the people being displaced, web developers on Twitter and discussion sites such as Hacker News quickly reacted with concern about another prominent Mozilla production: the set of online manuals known as the MDN (for Mozilla Developer Network) Web Docs.

Yikes!!! They're REALLY on life support now…