Not actually Linux distro review deux: GhostBSD


The good:
GhostBSD's installer is pleasant, efficient, and mostly modern
The MATE environment is well-fleshed out and functional
The environment feels quick and snappy, without lag or sluggishness
Going from zero to desktop is possible even for very new users

The bad:
As polished as GhostBSD is, it still lags behind mainstream Linux counterparts
Support for proprietary user-focused software, like Chrome, is effectively nonexistent
A new user who doesn't already "have BSD friends" will have a tougher time finding support

The ugly:
Crashed MATE top panel on first boot
Incorrect ZFS blocksize, despite checkbox that should have corrected it
Software Station is primitive and difficult to navigate by modern standards

These really ruin on OS and this goes into the "non-recommended"- section.