Hootsuite has sacked Sam Anderson after she spoken out on the company's hookup with ICE


Sam Anderson said she was let go on Monday, less than two weeks after she spoke out about Hootsuite's three-year contract with ICE, which has since been called off.

"That we are eagerly accepting money from an organization that is allegedly subjecting its female detainees to forced hysterectomies, that has a documented history of locking children in cages, that tears families apart and destroys lives is devastating and disgusting," she wrote at the time.

Last month, CEO Tom Keiser shed some light on the company's original response to employee concerns about the ICE contract, which Anderson said they first learned about in June.

In a written statement, Keiser said the internal strife initially led Hootsuite to form a committee to "consider all points of view" on the deal, but that management decided to press forward with the contract anyway.

Holy Shit!!!

Retaliation folks, disgraceful act. Glad I don't do business with them anymore. Shame since I used to like them back in the Web 2.0 era.