Cathleen Ritteriser on the observance of 2751 Moments of Silence.


Getting out my calculator, I learned the grim statistic that 2751 over 24 hours amounted to just under 2 people per minute. By defining a “moment” as 30 seconds, it would take 22.9 hours to observe a moment of silence for each individual killed that day. The last hour honors those that survived, yet suffered loss or trauma, and are forever haunted by the events of that day. 2751 Moments of Silence. Because social media like Twitter and Facebook have given me the luxury of meeting and befriending so many new, interesting individuals, while giving me a chance to develop personally, creatively and professionally, I want those 2751 individuals to have it for a day. 2751 individuals never had the chance to tweet, post a Facebook status update, record a Seesmic, write their blog or to decide it was all stupid and a complete waste of time. So on September 11th, neither will I. I encourage you to join me. In response to, “What are you doing right now?”, just say, 2751 Moments of Silence.

This still gets me to this day.